Welcome to High Point Drinks

With decades of experience and the freedom to find unique possibilities in fermentation, we created a layered and complex non‑alcoholic aperitif and digestif.

Welcome to High Point.

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Born from a love of flavour and passion for life, we're pushing our know-how in fermentation and distilling to bring you delicious non-alcoholic drinks.

Non-Alcoholic Fermented Drinks

Ruby Aperitif & Amber Digestif

Dive into Dry January with the world's first fermented non-alcoholic drinks.

Made with 100% natural ingredients, Ruby Aperitif and Amber Digestif are fermented, infused and blended on our wild coast of Cornwall.

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Taking no shortcut to get to the most delicious flavours

We Take Our Time

We’ve gone our own way

We’re pioneers of fermentation, and the first to harness the depth and complexity of flavour it brings to premium non-alcoholic spirits.

We Take Our Time

We’re experts in fermenting and blending

Only masterful blending can achieve the right flavour combination. It's our decades of experience that help us deliver the unique taste your moment deserves.

We Take Our Time

We start from scratch

From fermenting our own base to perfecting our balanced flavour profiles with raw natural ingredients, every bottle is a month in the making here in our rugged corner of Cornwall.

High Point Drinks

We’re proud to create the world's first fermented non-alcoholic aperitif and digestif from scratch. Here’s how you can bring their beautifully balanced flavour profiles to your next serve...

Ruby Spritz

Add a little fizz to your beach fire or fine dining with friends.

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Amber Old Fashioned

A classic encore to the perfect evening.

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